Any investor who employs the services of a Wall Street brokerage firm is at risk of becoming a victim of fraud.

If you suspect your financial losses were caused by broker negligence or fraud, you probably have a lot of questions and you need answers. The CIRC is here for you. Our stock fraud experts are available to talk with you on the phone and answer your questions now. Victims need to know that Wall Street brokerage houses have million dollar marketing firms, powerful lawyers, and often extremely dishonest stockbrokers employing devious stock fraud tactics. These fraud schemes involve many different investments. Sometimes, just having one investment known to be fraudulent in your portfolio can ruin your retirement. You can fight back! Click here to find out how.

About The Consumer Investor Resource Center

With an experienced Wall Street fraud lawyer on your side, you can pursue a claim to get your money back. Investor fraud disputes must be resolved through Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration proceedings. This specialized legal proceeding is foreign to most attorneys. This is why you need a highly experienced securities lawyer representing you. Take the first step today by contacting the Consumer Investor Resource Center for a free and totally confidential consultation. We’ll listen to your story, answer any questions you have, and discuss your legal rights and options.